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Please read these instructions carefully before submitting information to Ofcom.

If you are experiencing interference Ofcom will offer you advice and assistance, either on the phone or by email. In addition, we may send a Spectrum Engineering Officer to carry out an investigation. We will not usually investigate a case unless we are satisfied that the interference is ‘harmful’, outside your control and all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise the effect.

Ofcom will exercise discretion on whether to investigate a report of interference. The regulatory regime does not necessarily guarantee that interference will not arise or that enforcement action will be taken to prevent it occurring. No Charge will be made to you until your case has been accepted by Ofcom.

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“We require this information in order to carry out our duties to protect and manage the radio spectrum under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006. Please see Ofcom’s General Privacy Statement for further information about how Ofcom handles your personal information and your corresponding rights”.

What Service affected: Car Access, Garage Access,TV Interference, Radio Interference, Low Power Device, WLAN's , ETC

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Ofcom can investigate the interference to your radio system under our commercial charging terms.

The terms are that if we find the problem is within your own radio system or from something which we consider to be under your or the user's control then we will charge for the investigation at £92.14 + VAT per man hour used.

If the source of the problem is external to the above there is no charge.

We also require the full name and address of your organisation for our records and the correct address for any billing that may result from the investigation if it is different.

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